Welcome to LuxuryCondoSingapore.com. My name is Jack Ooi and I am a Professional Real Estate Consultant based in Singapore. This website is dedicated to assist home buyers and property investors in the process of getting their dream home and growing their wealth through property investment.

At LuxuryCondoSingapore.com, our focus are exclusively on Singapore Residential Property, especially in the luxury segments. Here, we are committed to be a professional Real Estate consultant, where we offer professional advise, objective consulting, and proven strategies to help home buyer and investor to navigate smoothly and successfully in the complicated Singapore real estate market.

We have the wildest range of luxury properties in Singapore and since we cover many properties in different locations, be rest assured that we are both objective and resourceful in our approach. We always have your interests at heart and committed to make sure your buying decision is the correct and well-informed one.

For home owner, we specialise in Asset Progression where we help home owner grow their wealth through property, including selling their properties and realising the profit, and investing in properties to further grow their wealth and build passive income.

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