This website is all about luxury real estate in Singapore, primarily focus on condominiums. One natural question arise often is, how do you define a luxury condominium in Singapore? What are the elements that must be present for a condominium to be classified as luxury segment or even ultra luxury segment?

These questions are of great interest to me as I have been serving home buyers and property investors in the Singapore high-end property segment for many years. In this blog we will discuss some of the elements in a luxury condo in Singapore and what to look out for if you are shopping for a high end property to buy or invest.


Clearly, location of the property is one key element. A condominium cannot be classified as luxury or high-end if it’s located in suburban locations in Singapore. So what are the prime and prestigious locations in Singapore for luxury condos? We have discussed this before in “A Guide on Buying Luxury Condos in Singapore”

Mainly, luxury condos in Singapore are located in prime district 9 and 10 ( Orchard/Bukit Timah/River Valley), district 1 and 2 (Raffles Place/Tanjong Pagar/Marina Bay), and Sentosa.

Specifically, here are a few locations that’s consider highly prestigious and exclusive in Singapore:

  • Nassim Road
  • Ardmore Park
  • Angullia Park
  • Paterson Road
  • Orchard Boulevard/Cuscaden Road
  • Tomlinson


Exclusivity is referring to the location of the condominium as well as the number of units within the condo development. In previous point we mentioned the exclusivity of the location, so what’s exclusivity within the condominium itself? Basically, the number of units.

A luxury condo is not a mass market condo where it has hundreds and even thousands of units within the development. Luxury condos in Singapore are usually having less than 100 units, or at most below 200 units, so that it’s more exclusive and prestigious. High net worth individuals prefer to live in a condominium that’s exclusive and have fewer neighbours but high quality and high profile neighbours.

For example, TwentyOne Angullia Park only has 54 units of 2 to 4 bedroom,  and 3 Orchard by the Park only has 77 units. One of the most expensive properties in Singapore, Le Nouvel at Ardmore, has 58 units.

Beautiful Architectural Design:

Living in the modern age and a first world city in Singapore, the architectural of a building say a lot about its status and making a statement. In Singapore, many luxury real estates are design by world renowned architecture firms and designers, many masterpiece have been produced and it defines the skyline of Singapore. 

High-end properties pay great attention to its external architecture design as well as internal design and landscaping design. Here are some of the luxury condominiums in Singapore designed by world class architects.  

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IMG 1382 - How to Define a Luxury Condominium in Singapore?

IMG 1354 - How to Define a Luxury Condominium in Singapore?

sculptura - How to Define a Luxury Condominium in Singapore?

Quality and Finishes, Interior Design:

Of course being a luxury condo the quality and finishes has to be high-end, luxurious, and opulence quality. These refer to the use of materials for its flooring (Grade A natural marble from Italy and high-end wooden flooring ), electronic appliances like kitchen hood and hob, oven, wine celler, fridge and etc (Usually brands like Miele and Gaggenau), bathroom sanitary ware, ducted air-cond, and others.

The interior design also make the overall feels of the home luxurious, comfortable, and high class, a nice place to live and call home. 

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IMG 1350 - How to Define a Luxury Condominium in Singapore?

IMG 0920 - How to Define a Luxury Condominium in Singapore?

IMG 0642 1 - How to Define a Luxury Condominium in Singapore?

Concierge Service:

The ultra wealthy live a privileged life, and demand privilege services. One of them is a concierge service. Just like a concierge service in a 5 star luxury hotel, many luxury condos in Singapore offer concierge service to their esteemed residents.

Concierge service highly trained and professional staffs are at the service of the residents in those posh and upscale condominiums, serving their various needs including making booking for limousines, arranging party, receiving delivery, making various kind of arrangements for them including cleaning service, house-keeping, ordering foods and more.

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This is designed to make the life of the residents in those high-end properties easier and enjoyable, as well as privilege. It also set them apart from the rest.

Private Lift and Air-Conditioned Lobby:

By nature, a luxury condo is supposed to be exclusive. And residents of luxury condos tend to prefer to have high level of privacy. Therefore, most high-end luxury properties have a private lift for its residents. In basically means the resident do not have to go to common lift area and take a lift to their unit, everything is private and exclusive.

Also, multi-millionaires and billionaires like to entertain guests. Hence it’s important to have a luxuriously design air-conditioned guest lobby, so that when the guests come to visit they have a proper and luxury waiting area.


Above are some of the key elements to look out for in a luxury condominium. Singapore is a prosperous country and a magnet to the ultra high net-worth individuals from all over the world. Along with cities like New York, London, and Hong Kong, Singapore is one of the favourites cities where multi-millionaires and billionaires like to own some properties.

Singapore luxury property segment is up to par along with the best in the world like New York and London, and offers top class high-end condos to satisfy the requirements and needs of the very rich. 

Over here at, we are the specialist in luxury property segment in Singapore. We have the wildest range of choices as well as the competency and expertise to help high net-worth home buyers and investors from all over the world to buy a luxury condo in Singapore.

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